During the early years of World War II, Baroness Von Gunther was the leader of a Nazi spy ring known as the Abwehr.

The ring was exposed through the actions of Major Steve Trevor, and the Baroness was imprisoned at the Fort Myer Federal Penitentiary. The Baroness proved to be a model prisoner, but by the Summer of 1942, she was involved once again in the Abwehr. Working through an American agent named Arthur Deal III, the Baroness was able to stage a series of attacks against military forces in Washington, D.C. Her efforts were coordinated through the aid of a sympathetic prison guard named Hansen.

The Baroness possessed an old Austrian-made key, which gave her access to a secret tunnel in the prison. With Hansen's help, she was able to come and go as she pleased, and often sneaked out late at night for secret meetings with Arthur Deal. Through Deal, the Baroness was able to frame Steve Trevor for the Abwehr's acts of sabotage. Arthur Deal used his influence with the Senate in an effort to discredit Trevor's distinguished war record. The Baroness discovered that Steve was a close ally of the super-hero Wonder Woman. Von Gunther managed to purloin Wonder Woman's magic lasso and through the use of a special Nazi nerve agent, succeeded in capturing her. Wonder Woman broke free however and fought with the Baroness. Von Gunther tried to escape, but Wonder Woman recovered her lasso and apprehended the Baroness. She was returned to the Fort Myer penitentiary where she was placed inside of solitary confinement.


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Wonder Woman and is an adaptation of Paula von Gunther. The original character was created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter and first appeared in Sensation Comics #4.
  • Baroness Von Gunther was portrayed by Christine Belford.
  • While based on the Golden Age character, in the Wonder Woman television series Von Gunther is addressed only by her title and surname. She is never referred to as Paula.
  • In German/Dutch culture, the family name "Von" is often spelled with a lower-case "v". In some cases however, it has been shown spelled with a capital "V".



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