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Pax is one of the New Bloods. He was a spiritual leader whose entire race had been killed by the Bloodlines Parasites. Pax pledged his life to defeating the Parasites.

Years ago, in a small pocket dimension, the Bloodlines Parasites appeared, ravaging planet after planet. Soon the entire dimension was lifeless save for a single planet. The Parasites turned their attention on that planet and came to feed. The spiritual leader of the planet, a man named Pax, was unaware of the true nature of the Parasites, so he preached non-violence. This was a fatal miscalculation as the Parasites could not be opposed by non-violence. Soon every living being on the planet, including Pax's wife Anya, was killed. The Parasites discharged the spinal fluid they harvested from Pax's people so that a giant Parasite called a Taker could feed upon it and birth more Parasites continuing the life cycle of the creatures. However, Pax did not die from being feasted upon by the Parasites. Instead, he gained greatly enhanced strength and durability, as well as the ability to sense the Parasites. Using these gifts he eluded the Parasites for years, scavenging parts from his destroyed world. Abandoning his peaceful creed, he intended to use the parts to build a bomb capable of destroying the Taker and the Parasites. It took him years, but he learned how to build the bomb.

As the bomb reached completion, Pax saw three strange humanoids. He believed them to be Parasites in disguise, as the creatures were also shape-changers. He attacked the three, not knowing that they were L.E.G.I.O.N. members Lobo, Captain Comet, and Layla.

Unbeknownst to Pax, L.EG.I.O.N. encountered several Parasites that had escaped to Earth's dimension, though the members of L.EG.I.O.N. where unaware of the creatures' true nature. Soon after, they discovered a rift leading to Pax's dimension and entered it in hopes of finding out more about the rift and the creatures. Vril Dox had sent Lobo, Captain Comet, and Layla as an advance party to explore Pax's planet. After a brief fight with Pax, Captain Comet used his psychic powers to allow them to communicate with him. Lady Quark and Vril Dox came to the planet, and Pax told the L.E.G.I.O.N. members the tale of his world. They soon learned of the bomb as well. Pax intended to use the bomb to kill the Taker and the Parasites. Lady Quark and Pax quickly developed a connection when he told her of his wife, and she shared her own loss.

Unfortunately, the Parasites learned of Pax's plan. The mountain which served as the lair of the Taker erupted and the Taker emerged crawling with Parasite larvae. As the L.E.G.I.O.N. forces fought valiantly, Pax took his bomb toward the creature activating it with the intention of sacrificing himself. Lady Quark tried to convince him to live on in memory of his people. The heroes were forced to flee, and they had to take off in their ship without Pax. Lady Quark was saddened by the loss of Pax, but soon she learned that he was clinging to the side of the ship as it escaped the planet. Lady Quark attempted to pull him in, but he still felt he deserved death. She continued to attempt to convince him to live. Ultimately, he conceded allowing her to pull him into the ship, just as the bomb exploded vaporizing the planet, the Taker and the Parasites. When the ship returned to Earth's dimension, Pax's mental senses revealed that the Parasites had come to Earth's dimension. He told the others that he would join them to destroy the Parasites.[1]



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