"The Hostage": Though finding strange that only one applicant for the job of his secretary has showed up for the interview, he nonetheless tells tells Paul to let her in. The woman introduces herself as Nora O'Rourke and upon being asked why no other applicant has shown up, hints that she threat

Peacemaker #4 is an issue of the series Peacemaker (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1967.

Synopsis for "The Hostage"

Though finding strange that only one applicant for the job of his secretary has showed up for the interview, he nonetheless tells tells Paul to let her in. The woman introduces herself as Nora O'Rourke and upon being asked why no other applicant has shown up, hints that she threatened to beat them up if they didn't withdraw their applications. She was however also forced to fight a man who had put a bomb in her briefcase, and her face was bruised when his foot accidentally hit her after he was tossed over. She also states that she security clearances from the FBI and she wants to know more about her job if he still wants to hire her.

Unknown to both Smith and Nora, a sniper is watching them from afar. Meanwhile, Smith tells her that she needs to know about his life before she can work with him. His father was an army officer who later became a politician, while his mother was a research scientist, and both had a great influence on his life. he became an expert in many sciences at a young age and his theory on inertial guidance system is now used by Kennedy Space Center. His father having hobbies like flying warplanes, spear-fishing etc influenced him to learn them. He was also asked by the Air Force to fly their rocket aircraft X-17, which he did and flew it at a record-breaking speed of 5,140 miles per hour.

As Smith finishes telling Nora about his early years, he gets alerted by an alarm about the sniper. He however is able to find him with his infra-red scope and takes him out. Telling Paul to recover the gunman, Smith assures Nora that he only shot him with a tranquilizer, so Paul could interrogate him before freeing him. Knowing that he must share his secret identity with her if she is to be secretary, he is unable to arrive at a decision and invites her to have dinner with him. Nora however demands to know what he really does and he assures her an answer after the dinner. In his secret lab, he reveals himself to her as the Peacemaker and states that many of the weapons he uses, he designed himself.

When asked why he leads such a life, Smith states that though he detest violence, sometimes he has no choice to resort to it, in order to save others. After failing to stop the arms deal Emil Bork non-violently, he had to resort to a violent approach and killed him when he tried starting a war among South American nations. He had also stopped an insane man calling himself the "Commodore" and claiming to rule all the seas, by using his helmet's laser-beam to destroy his nuclear submarine. Nora reveals that she had earlier heard about all the incidents and a single man figuring in all of them. After doing some research, one name in particular always cropped up - his. As the two talk, he soon gets alerted bout a supersonic jet approaching his home.

Though the jet is destroyed, its bomb falls near Smith's home a noxious gas. A group of armed men in black gear soon approach and he tells Nora to get inside. The Bulgarian weapon stealer Colonel Uz orders the men to take Smith and not harm his weapons. Fighting through them, Smith flips a switch that destroys his lab containing his weapons, but gets knocked out by the gas. As they take him away in a plane, Paul states that he can't destroy it. He agrees with Nora's suggestion to inform NATO and she ponders on how to help Smith. Later, Smith regains consciousness and decides against escaping in order to discover Uz's plans. After taking hi to his base, Uz tells him that he wants him to fix all the weapons his men damaged while stealing them.

Smith pretends to do what Uz ordered him, and starts sabotaging all the weapons. After testing a machine gun (which Smith rigged to blow if fired more than ten seconds), Uz appears satisfied and tells him to work on other weapons, later informing him that he has taken Nora as a hostage to guarantee his loyalty. This makes Smith set his plans earlier than he wanted and he makes his escape. Coming across a room, he is fired upon by Uz men, but find that the bullets have been replaced by papier-mâché. As the other weapons in the facility malfunction, Uz decides to kill Nora, but Smith soon busts in and causes him to flee. As the colonel escapes in a plane, it falls apart mid-air, resulting in his death.

After the caves in which Uz's weapons were placed are destroyed by the explosives the Peacemaker placed, Nora tells him that working with him has been exciting. Smith assures they'll have more such adventures, but first they should have dinner together.

Appearing in "The Hostage"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Colonel Uz (Only appearance; dies)
    • Janik (Mentioned only)
    • Muhammed (Mentioned only)
  • Emil Bork (Dies in flashback) (Final appearance)

Other Characters:



  • Peacemaker's Helmet (Flashback and main story)
  • Peacemaker's Jetpack (Flashback and main story)


  • Commodore's nuclear submarine (Flashback only) (Destroyed)
  • Lockheed X-17 (Flashback only)
  • U-X

Synopsis for "Card Carrier (Part I of II)"

The Fightin' 5 investigate after members of the liberal Marchers group are implicated in torching the main office of a conservative magazine criticizing communists, and learn that Soviet agents may be behind it.

Appearing in "Card Carrier (Part I of II)"

Featured Characters:

  • The Fightin' 5
    • Frenchy the Fox
    • Granite Gallero
    • Hank Hennessy
    • Sonya
    • Tom-Tom


  • Rogue KGB spies

Other Characters:

  • Marchers (First appearance)
  • Willard Luckby (Mentioned only)
  • Roger Heddon (Mentioned only)



  • Convair B-58


  • This comic issue was published by Charlton Comics, a defunct comic book publishing firm owned by Charlton Publications. DC Comics acquired the rights to most of Charlton's super-hero characters in 1983.
  • The Fightin' 5 were not acquired by DC, therefore the Peacemaker story is the only one completely indexed here.

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