Quote1 Menalippe's prophecies are always true. She saw Hercules! She saw this island! She saw the births! We cannot risk this war's happening too! Quote2
Penelope src
Penelope was an Amazonian warrior and one of the few people who knew of Myrina's child.

On a stormy day on Themyscira, Penelope and Menalippe were present on the secret delivery of fellow Amazon warrior Myrina, who gave birth to a hideous child who Menalippe foresaw will bring nothing more than chaos and death to everyone, starting a mind-shattering war among two Dark Gods who will ravage all of existence.

Trying to prevent this, Penelope attacked the infant with the intent of slaying her before the prophecy comes true, but was stopped and slaughtered alongside Menalippe by Myrina who decided to conceal their disappearance and leave the island, all to protect her evil child.[1]




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