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Peng Deilan is the Wonder-Woman of China, a member of the Justice League of China.


According to Buddhist sages, all of existence is divided into six realms: Gods, Demigods, Animals, Humans, Ghosts, and Hell. The creatures of each realm cannot move from one realm to another except through death and rebirth; any other attempts would only upset the very order of existence.

Long ago, a white snake fell in love with a human boy, but she knew such love cannot exist across realms. So she set her mind on crossing over. Together with her friend, a green snake, she cultivated her qi to become human. Eventually, the snakes achieved their goal and they crossed over into the Human Realm despite the protest of an old turtle named Fahai, who was secretly infatuated with white snake. White snake found the human she loved, but green snake also fell in love with the man as well.

When white snake and the human were about to get married, a sorcerer monk attacked them out of nowhere. The snakes immediately saw through the monk's disguise and it was Fahai. The green snake pushed aside her own jealously and defended her friend. She battled Fahai and threw him into the ocean. But not before Fahai cast a spell on her, transforming her into stone. This incident was told into Chinese legend as the Legend of the White Snake.

Green Snake remained imprisoned for centuries until the present day where she was freed by Doctor Omen, who gave her the name Peng Deilan.[1]

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  • Containment Suit
  • Magic Lasso: Wonder-Woman has a magical lasso in the form of a whip that she can command telepathically to wrap around others, claiming it to be essentially an extension of her own skin.[6]
  • Shield: Of non-mortal origin, her shield is strong enough to withstand the God Killer sword strike.[7]




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