Quote1 The vigilante Batman...he must be dealt with...terminally. Quote2
Penn Selkirk src

Penn Selkirk was a munition broker and corrupt businessman who run an illegal operation of cybernetic enhancers as well as other minor criminal rings in Gotham City.

When Batman started to affect his business, Selkirk knew he had to be dealt with,[1] but no sooner than this, Catwoman tried to steal a valuable object from him. Turning his attention to her, Selkirk captured and took Catwoman to his penthouse, where he planned to interrogate her, but his plans were thwarted by a manic Batman, who was looking for some connection between Selkirk and the notorious gangster, Carleton LeHah. Furthermore, Catwoman escaped and also attacked Selkirk while his bodyguards were brutalized by Batman. The struggle stopped when a second Batman appeared in Selkirk's penthouse and challenged the first Batman to fight for the rights to claim the mantle of the bat.[2]

Using the confrontation of vigilantes as a distraction, Selkirk tried to escape on his private helicopter with the prized neural enabler, but Catwoman caught up with him and prevented his escape by jumping onto the chopper.[3] The helicopter crashed on top of a bridge and Selkirk and his thugs were rescued by the real Batman and a reluctant Catwoman. Selkirk realized that he had lost and he tossed the neural enabler to the river, forcing Catwoman to knock him unconscious.[4] Selkirk was arrested, but he was soon bailed out by a business partner. Selkirk tried to retrieve the neural enabler, but Catwoman crossed his path one last time and he was finally defeated.[5]



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