Penny Dolmann, AKA Bad Penny (a childhood nickname) was the daughter of the puppet master Eric Dolmann, one of the individuals with unusual abilities imprisoned by the British government at Castle Baaleskine.

Penny herself was placed under psychiatric observation in a childrens home after her father was apprehended by The Spider but was eventually released. After mastering her father's living puppets, she spent years locating the place where her father and the others were taken, but eventually led an assault on the castle which resulted in a mass jailbreak, with the assistance of Danny Doom, Charlie Peace and Robot Archie. Sadly, she then discovered that her father had died in the prison several years earlier.


Eric Dolmann's puppets.

Bad Penny was originally a juvenile humor character created by Leo Baxendale in the British anthology comic 'Smash!', which was published by IPC Magazines in the 1960's. This story retcons her into being the daughter of Eric Dolmann, lead character in the adventure strip from the same era 'The House of Dolmann', though there was previously no connection between the two strips.



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