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Quote1.png He's always been such a happy little boy. Quote2.png
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Penny Fleck was the mother of Arthur Fleck and a former employee of Wayne Enterprises.

Penny was both mentally and physically ill, relying on her son to care for her.

Penny's life prior to the events of Joker (Movie) are largely ambiguous. According to Penny, roughly thirty-years prior, she had a relationship with her employer Thomas Wayne the result of which was Arthur Fleck. Throughout the movie, Penny displays an unhealthy infatuation with Thomas Wayne and writes letters to him in hope that he will raise her and her son from poverty. Despite this, when her son confronts his supposed biological father, Wayne aggressively protests, claiming his mother was delusional, that they never had a relationship and that Fleck was adopted. Further details are revealed when Fleck steals Penny's psychiatric files from Arkham State Hospital. The records include an adoption certificate and details of her narcissistic personality disorder. It also details the horrific abuse she and one of her boyfriends inflicted on a young Arthur, which culminated in her being committed to Arkham State Hospital. This supposed confirmation of Wayne's claims causes Penny's ultimate death at the hands of her son.

However, Arthur later finds a picture of a young Penny, with the words "I love your smile - T.W." on the back - throwing into question if, and to what extent, Penny was telling the truth.

Other Characteristics

  • Penny Fleck was portrayed by American actress Frances Conroy. Canadian actress, Hannah Gross portrayed a young Penny.