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The Pentacle was a group of witches and warlocks who were enemies of the Shadowpact.


When the pentacle leader, Strega, created a barrier that was impenetrable hemogoblin bubbles, Phantom Stranger called the Shadowpact, who opened a door to the bubble in order to enter and investigate what was happening. The Pentagram took a small town and used residents as human sacrifices to complete a spell used by Strega. Entering the city, Nightshade encountered a member of the pentacle, Sister Shadow, and quickly defeated her. Taking note of the presence of Shadowpact, each member of the Pentacle fought with a counterpart in the other group.

After all members of Shadowpact were defeated by their counterparts, each one was brought to Strega, to be arrested. However Karnevil defied orders and tied Detective Chimp tied to a pole and prepared to torture him. When he returned to Strega without the Chimp, Strega demanded that he be brought to join the rest of the group, but he had already escaped and subdued Karnevil. Then another member of the Pentagram, the White Rabbit, felt disgusted with all the murder and freed the Shadowpact.

After being released, Enchantress created a spell to destroy the barrier, while the rest of the team broke down the remaining members of the Pentagram. When they exited the barrier, they realized that a year had passed in the world, all due to the spell of the Enchantress. The Pentacle was arrested and sent to the Dark Tower, a prison in another dimension.

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