Peony McGill is Star-Blossom, a young hero that can control flowers.

Peony is the daughter of Yolanda and Oscar McGill and a big fan of Wonder Woman.[1]

Peony teamed up with her hero for the first time to take down Professor Verdant and Titano in Metropolis, and, after the battle, Wonder Woman agreed to mentor her. [2]

The two heroes worked together again to save a family in Boston from a fire.

Upon returning Peony to her home, Wonder Woman agreed to join the McGill's for dinner, but, before she could, Diana's mother Hippolyta informed her that her childhood friend Hookswift had died. Wonder Woman was overcome with grief, but Peony gifted her the Senior Soror flower, whose name literally meant "big sister", adorned with Wonder Woman's costume colors.[1] The gift cheered Diana up as she realized how much she meant to Peony.

Hippolyta bonded with Peony's parents and agreed to look after Peony if they looked after Diana.[1]




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