Quote1 My reticence to kill you, Per Degaton, is not weakness. It is goodness. Quote2
-- Rip Hunter src

Per Degaton was the son of Tor Degaton, ruler of the Kasnia Conglomerate. Per Degaton was personally tutored by Vandal Savage, and the two shared a close bond. Rip Hunter and his team arrived in the year of 2147, to kidnap and kill Per Degaton, as he would eventually go on to conquer the world in the future. Rip could not kill him however; he traded with Tor for Per's life for Sara Lance's. Per Degaton saw this as a weakness in his father, and killed him while slept. This led to Vandal Savage inheriting the Kasnia Conglomerate through Per Degaton, and led to the release of the Armageddon virus 5 years earlier than a previous timeline.

Per Degaton would later be betrayed and killed by Vandal Savage, taking full control of the Conglomerate and being seen as a hero in the years to come.[1]




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