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Per Degaton is an enemy of the Justice Society of America and a member of the Injustice Society.


A member of the Nazi Party, Degaton served as protege to Professor Malachi Zee. Degaton was a key player in the Third Reich's experimentation with the occult. To that end, in a fortress on the Western Front, he arranged the kidnapping of local villagers to fuel an arcane experiment, attempting to devise a method in which one could travel forward in time. However, the missing villagers drew the attention of Sgt. Franklin Rock and Easy Company.

Easy Company launched an assault on his lab, killing most of his compatriots. Injured and desperate, he threw himself into his own machine. Though those present believed him to be vaporised, in truth, he was sent forwards in time to the year 1947.

Inspired by the success of his experiment, five days later, he attempts to rewrite history and conquer the world only to be defeated by the Justice Society of America. Over the years, he became a recurring foe of the Justice Society. More recently he attacked during the modern age, having been genetically altered in an 'unknown future'.[1]

Degaton repeatedly tried and failed to erase the JSA from history by changing the past, until an older version of himself taught him a sacrificial ritual designed by a future version of Salem the Witch Girl which he could use to not only erase the Justice Society, but replace the JSA with a team of versions of himself from different points in his life; and from there change the timeline altogether and take over the world. At his future self's instruction he began travelling backwards in time from the far future, murdering every generation of the Justice Society. The Time Disc gave him precognitive abilities which allowed him to know every move the JSA would make in advance and have a countermeasure prepared; only the wearers of the Helmet of Fate were hidden from his future sight and so he always killed the various versions of Doctor Fate first in a sneak attack. He also made a deal with the "Last Lord of Chaos" to become a living paradox who could not be killed.[2][3]

The New Golden Age

Degaton also constantly chased Helena Wayne as a child, visiting her from a distance before quickly disappearing. In 2048, Degaton was confronted by Helena (now known as the Huntress) and the new Justice Society of America, but he killed most of its members. Helena's mother Catwoman saved her and gave her The Snowglobe, which resulted in her becoming unstuck in time and disappearing.[4] Degaton murdered Selina in retaliation.[5]

He sensed Helena give the Snowglobe to someone else in the present and tracked her to the JSA Brownstone.[1] The JSA of the 21st Century were the last version of the team he needed to kill before travelling back to World War II and killing the originals to complete the ritual. Initially, he easily fought the JSA off as usual; but as Helena was herself displaced in time he could not see what she was going to do and she shot off his finger and the Kryptonite ring he was planning to use on Power Girl. This disrupted his planned sequence and Power Girl punched him away, then Doctor Fate hit him with a powerful magic blast. Degaton survived but was transported back to the ruins of his lab in 1947, where his future self was waiting. The older Degaton berated him for his failure and told him that he needed to kill Helena first before attacking the others.[2]

As the ritual neared completion, Degaton's growing mastery over time allowed him to coexist across his own timeline and bring multiple versions of himself at different points in his life to the present. He sent himself as a child to guard the ruins of his laboratory, as the JSA would need a personal item of his for a mystic ritual to stop him, and took the rest of him to attack Helena and Batman in Gotham City. The Justice Society had come for Helena, as she had altered the future by contacting her father, and the two sides battled. At the lab, Stargirl and Jakeem Thunder managed to defeat the child Degaton and retrieve a medal awarded to Degaton by Heinrich Himmler himself.

Khalid Nassour was able to take the Snowglobe and use it to summon the original JSA to the present; and bring Helena Wayne's team and the 31st Century Justice Society from the moment before Degaton killed them. The three Doctor Fates used the medal and Snowglobe to banish the prime Degaton to the Flashpoint timeline inside the Snowglobe, causing the others to disappear. Trapped in the pocket universe, Degaton was attacked by Batman, Robin and The Joker.[3]




  • Time Disc: Degaton's time disc combines advanced science with Nazi occult magics to grant him power over time.[1]
    • Chronokinesis: With the disc Degaton can travel through time, locally slow time around himself to appear to move at superhuman speed, or manipulate time to a variety of harmful effects; for example rapidly aging someone to death or accelerating the effect of Green Kryptonite on a Kryptonian.[4]
      • Disintegration: Can accelerate time to the point where Solomon Grundy rotted in seconds.[4]
      • Precognition: Degaton is able to see the future and anticipate the actions of others. This does not work on people who are temporally displaced or possess precognitive powers of their own.[2]
      • Resurrection: Per Degaton could resurrect Gentleman Ghost by rewinding his personal timeline.[4]
    • Teleportation[1]



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