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Peraxxus is an intergalactic menace who destroys worlds and sells their resources as scraps.

Using the ancient Signal Men abandoned by their masters, he determines which planets are ripe and obliterates them. He has been an enemy to the Justice League International.

The Signal Masters

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Peraxxus is awakened from a deep slumber in space when the Signal Men become activated on Earth.[1] Guy Gardner is knocked out and captured when he goes to investigate the orbiting spaceship.[2] When he captures the entire Justice League International, he explains his plans to destroy Earth and sell its resources. They break free but fail to stop him activating the Signal Men.[3] The League finally defeats him when they learn to work together as a team. Peraxxus is distracted while Batman and Rocket Red alter the Signal Men's programming. They send his ship into a nosedive, forcing Peraxxus to flee. He flies off into space while swearing his revenge.[4]





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