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Quote1 Oh, very well... if you insist. Let all those looking for a fight... something something something... Green Lantern's light. There. Happy now? Quote2
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Perdoo is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Perdoo lived in an insane asylum on his home world Qualar IV. His insanity gave him an edge over his compatriots: he felt no fear, as he was completely unaware of his surroundings.

When the badly injured Green Lantern El'qa Squa Zreenah was forced to retreat from his fight against the Statejians, he landed on Qualar IV in the hopes of finding a temporary replacement. The first couple of natives were so frightened of his ring that they died of shock. Perdoo was the only one without fear, simply because he was completely oblivious to danger.

Perdoo accepted the ring and engaged the Statejian fleet. He thought they were large flittershies, insects that lived on his planet, and played with them with his ring, picking them up and tossing them around. The Statejians, impressed by his apparent fearlessness, fled in fear. Perdoo handed the ring back to El'qa, and readmitted himself to the asylum.[1]

When the Guardians chose to recruit two Lanterns per sector, Perdoo was given the second Ring. His fellow Lanterns give him plenty of room during battle because his constructs are erratic and some Lanterns have claimed that those constructs have attacked them; this hasn't been confirmed.[2]


Other Characteristics

  • Instability: As a consequence of his insanity, Perdoo can be somewhat unpredictable.



When the day is bright... or is it night?
No... ah... something or other will escape my sight...
Let all those looking for a fight...
...something, something something...
Green Lantern's Light![1]



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