Perpetua is the first creator and the mother of the Over-Monitor, Anti-Monitor and the World Forger. She is the most feared being in the greater Omniverse, out of all her brothers and sisters tending the infinite Multiverses.[1]

Early Existence

In the very beginning of existence, there was only The Source and from it, the positive Connective Energy were born and pulled together by an unseen hand.[2] It was throughout the void of the Greater Omniverse that The Source sent "The Hands", a group of super-celestial beings using the Connective Energy to birth Multiverses. With the creation of their Multiverse, each member of the Hands would pass on and allow their energies to return to The Source.[3] However the rogue among them refused her fate and wanted a vicious reality meant to live forever in a self-renewing loop of crisis and rebirth.[4] The name of that rogue super-celestial was Perpetua.

20 Billion Years Ago

She created the first iteration of the Multiverse using the negative Crisis Energies and created her three sons Mar Novu, Alpheus and Mobius, as its first inhabitants. Once created, Perpetua explained to them that her Multiverse comprises of three main realms made out of the three basic forms of matter- dark matter, positive matter and antimatter, and created them to monitor these realms. She assigned Alpheus to the dark matter realm beneath creation where he would build the myriad universes of creation. Mar Novu was assigned to the positive matter realm, where he would guard the many universes that rose out of the dark from cosmic crises. Mobius was assigned to the antimatter realm where he would prevent the light of creation to breach the Greater Omniverse. Curious, Mar Novu asked Perpetua what her purpose in this Multiverse was, as her role as creator had already been fulfilled. She told him that she would remain to make sure that all of her children lived.[5]

15 Billion Years Ago

Perpetua called upon Mar Novu to show him her greatest creation. Perpetua had searched the endless worlds of the multiverse looking for the perfect creation, but could not find it. Disappointed in what saw, Perpetua bound the Martians with the Humans, creating the Apex Predator; perfect killing machines that would live and fight until the end of time. Upon seeing what his mother had created, Mar Novu told her that he found a cosmic judgement coming for them because of her actions and that she was well aware of that and wished to fight back. Perpetua then tried to share her point of view in vain, leading her to order her Apexes to attack Novu, forcing him to flee.[5] Two hundred years later, Mar Novu told his brothers what he had seen and they agreed that her superiors, the Judges of the Source needed to be alerted of her doings. They were interrupted by Perpetua who witnessed their betrayals and sent her Apex Predators to attack her sons. As the battle raged on, the Judges sent out the Cosmic Raptor to stop Perpetua's plan. Unable to defeat the Cosmic Raptor, Perpetua, her Apex Predators and the totality of her power were taken to the Source Wall and imprisoned in it. The Judges recreated Perpetua's Multiverse, allowing the Multiverse to evolve without intrusion. Perpetua was trapped and forced to watch it all.

Perpetua witnessed the tampering of the Maltusian Krona preventing her Multiverse to set in a stable form. She was forced to watch her Multiverse grow more and more unstable. She knew its final fate: it would die, and she would die with it. She needed to free herself and restore her Multiverse to what it was before. As the only thing that would break her prison was an action that would crack the very foundation of reality, a Crisis. Perpetua began to whisper in the mind of her son, the Anti-Monitor, instigating him to cause the first Crisis. After the Anti-Monitor's defeat, a crack formed on the Source Wall and so, Perpetua whispered out through the Multiverse, into the ears of those powerful enough to cause Crises over the years.[6]

Source Wall Breaking

After the invasion of the Dark Multiverse by her last scion, Barbatos and the Batman Who Laughs, the Source Wall was finally broken and Perpetua was freed from her prison, the Totality which landed on Earth-0 after the wall breaking.[7] Her corporeal form was restored by Lex Luthor with almost six parts of her dark powers unlocked.[1]

Year of the Villain

At some point, she awoke and remade Lex Luthor into an Apex Predator as her second in command after the latter faked his own death.

Justice/Doom War

While the Justice League divided into two them, one for the Totality's shards which were across time and the other for recruiting Mobius, Perpetua and Lex were heading to the Promethean Galaxy with the intent to recruit her son Mobius. Meanwhile, Hypertime was within the grasp of Perpetua, allowing the Legion of Doom, who were in different timelines, to affect them as they see fit without erasing their present.[8] Arrived in the Promethean Galaxy, she was confronted by Mobius and his brothers alongside the Justice League. During the fight, the three brothers merged together to form the Ultra-Monitor, strong enough to fight their mother.[9] At the end of the battle, Starman and his analog from the past and future were going to open a portal to bring the rest of the Justice League who gathered the shards of the Totality across the past and the future. However, due to the fact that the psychic energy shifted toward doom and Hawkgirl's vendetta against Lex Luthor who previously absorbed J'onn J'onzz within himself, the portal closed before the rest of the league could join the battle and Perpetua was restored to all her might. She then granted the Anti-Life Equation to Mobius who betrayed his brothers.[10] Perpetua then crush Starman on her fist and and exclaimed that she have the entire Multiverse to remade.[10]

Perpetua came to Earth 19, noticing that this world has doom in its core but its people still chose justice thus, she destroyed this universe for this. She then returned to the Promethean Galaxy explaining her plan to Lex and Mobius and remade every human who believes in doom into Apex Predators. She was alerted by Lex that Hawkgirl was trying to flee with her newfound abilities, she was able to see her and turn off Hawkgirl's ship making it crash somewhere else.[11] At some point after the return of the Legion of Doom, she turned Brainiac into her throne and the other members as conduits of power for Lex now wielding the The Seven Forces of the Universe.[12] Later, she came to Earth 44 and throw it toward her sons who were recently freed from their brother Mobius thanks to John Stewart's intervention but they managed to flee before the impact thanks to Alpheus' sacrifice. Much later, Perpetua came to Earth-0 to confront the Justice League who had defeated Lex Luthor and gathered Hawkgirl, John Stewart and J'onn J'onzz. During the confrontation, J'onn managed to reach out the minds of all the people of the planet, trying to convince them to break free of Perpetua's lies which shifted the psychic balance toawrd justice, strings of energy started to wrap up Perpetua. However, just as the victory was near for the league, the balance shifted for doom again, breaking free of her bonds, Perpetua explained that she allowed the psychic connection J'onn had with Earth's people to happen because she wanted them to see their people rejecting them since she was the creator of the Multiverse and also explained that she left a piece of the Totality across time for Vandal Savage who will recruit the Luthors to found a way to unlock her powers as she planned. She then obliterated the Justice League however without her knowing, the league were saved by the Quintessence.[13]

Hell Arisen

After the fall of the Justice League at Perpetua's hands, the Multiverse was at her and Lex Luthor mercy. When the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3 came to Perpetua, requesting more power, Perpetua's response was to turn their people into Apex Predator and killing Johnny Quick after his disagreement to join her. After the meeting Perpetua had with the Crime Syndicate, she send Lex Luthor to Earth-0 in order to eradicate the dark energy incursion caused by the The Batman Who Laughs. Much later Lex came to Perpetua with the defeated Batman Who Laughs. However, The Batman Who Laughs used his superior knowledge to convince Perpetua to choose him over Lex as her second in charge. Perpetua then stripped Lex Luthor of his powers and she then send him back to Earth but not before Lex learns that the glorious vision of the future he has had was an hoax made by Perpetua in order to manipulate him.[14]

Dark Nights: Death Metal

Perpetua was confronted by the Justice League at an unspecified date. She was wielding all the Crisis Energy and the league wielded all the Connective Energy. Their fight ended on a massive blow that burned the sun and has exhausted both forces. The Batman Who Laughs provided her three worlds where the greatest Crises happen forever in the Dark Multiverse so that she draws her energy from them, through multiple antennas around the Multiverse. Later, Perpetua who sensed a disturbance after The Batman Who Laughs transferred his brain to Batmanhattan's body came to him, telling him that only six universes remains, she also warns him about the retconning that her kind, The Hands, will bring if they find out her doings before leaving the evil Bruce.


  • Nigh-Omnipotence: Perpetua is a godlike being of nearly infinite power. The Monitor, the World Forger and the Anti-Monitor, cosmic beings of extreme powers in their own rights, were unable to defeat her without help from the Cosmic Raptor.[5] However, she is not strong enough to oppose the Judges of the Source.[5]
  • Cosmic Awareness: Perpetua can sense various events throughout the Multiverse such as sensing Mxyzptlk's assault on reality as well as Alpheus' attempt to replace it with a new Multiverse from the Sixth Dimension, the highest plane of existence.[5]
  • Clairvoyance: Perpetua can peer into the Fourth Dimension of time. She used this ability at least one time to watch the future of her Apex Predator.[5]
  • Bio-Fusion: Perpetua can bound entire civilizations together, merging them completely to create a new race of Apex Predator.[5]
  • Molecular Reconstruction: Perpetua was able to turn Brainiac into her throne and control it to capture the rest of the Legion of Doom.[12] She was also able to transform most of the human beings into her army of monsters.[11]
    • Disintegration: Perpetua can dissolve living beings to dust with a mere thought.
  • Energy Construct Creation: Perpetua can create and manipulate energy in a manner that creates matter from virtually nothing as displayed when she formed a force field around her.[9] She can also create and shape living beings from the void.[5]
  • Energy Absorption: Perpetua feeds on the cosmic energies generated from the Crises to fuel her powers.[4]
  • Energy Projection: Perpetua can manipulate and shape the energy of creation as well as those of its three domains of matter.[9] She wields the Crisis energy like the Anti-Life Equation, Chaos Magic, Still Force and so on, which are essentially a negative form of cosmic energy, opposite in nature to the positive Connective energy.[4] She can also gather tremendous amounts of energy sufficient to destroy a universe, but this taxes her powers.[11]
  • Reality Alteration: As one of the "Hands" sent by The Source, Perpetua can create an entire Multiverse as well as destroy it by eradicating universe after universe. She was able to merge the Humans and the Martians worlds entirely,[5] and has reshaped Earth-0 into a twisted world for The Batman Who Laughs.[15] She can alter the very nature of the Multiverse into a vicious self-sustaining weapon meant to live forever.[16] Even while asleep, planets form around her fingers and galaxies were born and die around her.[17] Perpetua can render the resurrection of her children in the Sixth Dimension no longer possible.[18]
  • Mechanokinesis: Perpetua can control technology to some degree. She was able to turn off the ship of the Justice League with a thought.[11]
  • Size Alteration: Perpetua can alter her physical size. There's currently no known limit on how much she can grow. She has shown herself capable of growing from normal heights to the size of several planets.[5] In the Sixth Dimension however, she held the Multiverse in her hands.[5]
  • Power Distribution: Perpetua can grant access to Crisis energy to others as displayed with Lex Luthor or when she gift Mobius the Anti-Life Equation.
  • Telepathy: Perpetua can read the mind of others. Her psychic abilities are so powerful that she was able to block the psychic connection that M'gann M'orzz and Shayne J'onzz had with Earth-0's people with ease.[19] J'onn J'onzz was only able to communicate with Earth-0 people because she allowed the connection.[13]
  • Immortality:As the creator of the original Multiverse, Perpetua is one of the oldest being in existence.
  • Teleportation: Perpetua can make herself and others appear anywhere in the entire Multiverse with no issues, such as transport herself from the Promethean Galaxy, which lies at the end of the universe of Earth-0 to Earth-19.[11]


Perpetua created technologies capable of stabilizing Hypertime which she gifted to Brainiac, allowing him to steal infinite futures of death from Hypertime.


Perpetua created the Godhead, a spaceship which serves as headquarter for her.


A staff.



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