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Perry White was the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet on Earth-38. After the rebirth of the Multiverse and the creation of Earth-Prime, he was replaced by Sam Foswell after Morgan Edge bought the Planet.


At some point in the 21th Century, Perry White became the editor-in-chief of the Metropolis famous newspaper, the Daily Planet. Cat Grant began her career, working as his assistent.[1] Other important journalists such as Lois Lane, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen worked for him at the Planet.

White was called by Siobhan Smythe to offer him a scoop about Supergirl freeing a Khund, hoping to be hired herself at his newspaper. After Cat Grant discovered her actions, she fired her and convinced her former boss to reject Smythe.[2]

As Clark Kent came to National City to meet her cousin, Perry called him to ask him about his long absence from work.[3]

Perry White was erased from existence, along with his universe, after the Anti-Monitor unleashed an antimatter wave which destroyed Earth-38.[4]


After the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Perry White was resurrected on Earth-Prime as his former universe was merged with Earth-1 and an unnamed reality.[5]

In the new universe, Perry White still worked for the Daily Planet as its editor-in-chief. However, after Morgan Edge bought the Daily Planet, he replaced White with Sam Foswell, leading to a massive lay-off of its employees.[6]




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