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Early Life

Perry White was a reporter with a good reputation, until Lionel Luthor got him fired, while Perry was investigating him. Perry descended into alcoholism, as he was forced to take less respectable jobs for the Metropolis Inquisitor and a TV show called X-Styles.[1]

Season Three

In 2003, Perry came to Smallville, to do a story on the meteorites and the events related to them. However, driving drunk, Perry got into an accident and was saved by Clark Kent. Having seen Clark used his powers, Perry began investigating him. However, Perry was seemingly disproven, when he risked his own life to prove that Clark had powers. Convinced that the alcohol had affected his mind, prompting him to put a teenager in danger, Perry decided to quit drinking and get his life back on track. Perry returned to Metropolis and, with the help of some friends, got a job at the Daily Planet.[1]

Season Nine

By 2010, Perry had begun dating Martha Kent and returned to Smallville with her. He joined forces with Lois Lane, to investigate the mysterious "Red Queen" and the Book of Rao. The investigation hit a dead end and Perry left for Africa. However, before leaving, Perry pulled some strings to get Lois and Clark their jobs back at the Daily Planet.[2] Afterwards, Perry became the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet's International bureau in London.[3]


By 2013, Perry had become promoted to Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet.[4]





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