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Quote1.png Goodbye, Lobo. Make them suffer. I go to become a Fury...of Pestilence. Quote2.png
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The Fury of Pestilence was the first one to join Darkseid as a Herald of Apokolips.


Born on the Low Caste of Czarnia, she won her life selling scrap metal, occasionally dancing at bonfires and digging shallow graves, making friends with Lobo. One day her parents grew sick like most of the planet, and since Lobo doesn't work for free, she went above the Veil herself to take medicine from the House of Healing. Caught and arrested for burglary, she was imprisoned and beaten for many days, one in which her parents passed away.

She was visited one day by a High Caste with the offer of becoming a "Plague Dog" against Apokolips, an offer she accepted. Injected with disease, she went to Apokolips to kill Darkseid, but was instead greeted by DeSaad who, like her, was immune to the plague. He revealed that Czarnia's High Caste was purging her kind just for their own sake, and then he made her the offer of revenge, of joining Apokolips as the Fury of Pestilence.[1]

World's End

Pestilence and her Fury sisters reached Earth through the fire pits,[2] with she arriving on the city of Rio, infecting everyone in the process.[3]

She joined the other Furies on the North Pole, wondering were is she who spreads Famine. Even through she was defeated, they still had to destroy the planet's Avatars to make sure that Earth falls so they can greet the upcoming Apokolips.[4]

Ambushing two of the Avatars, she began infecting the Avatar of the White while he plead for help,[5] a plead answered by Green Lantern who knocked her out to fall prey of Grundy,[6] but was immediately freed by War.[7]

With the Blue Avatars's arrival, the Furies were overpowered until their new sister joined them,[8] giving them the upper hand[9] until Flash arrived to reveal the Furies' weaknesses to the Avatars, with Pestilence being drowned by Azathoth, but was nonetheless saved by Death before once again infecting the White's Avatar.[10] However, the Red's Avatar arrival turned the tides once more, now clashing an even fight against the Avatars.

The battle raged for four hours before the Avatars' reinforcements finally joined the fight. Red Tornado pushed Pestilence into Grundy's trap, encasing her in a bone sarcophagus that negated her power.[11]

The Furies defeated, their bond to Apokolips was broken, and they four joined together in oblivion.[12]


  • Infected Czarnian Physiology: Besides her already vast natural Czarnian abilities, her body was immune to the plague that was ravaging her entire race, thus being the perfect candidate to be modified by her planet's High Caste into a "Plague Dog", giving her power over sickness, plague and disease.[1]
    • Infection: As the Fury of Pestilence, she can sicken and infest any living creature she desires, including ephemeral beings like the White's Avatar, with a simple touch.[5] She can also secrete some kind of black fluid which quickly corrodes upon contact.[10]
    • Invulnerability: Pestilence was unharmed by the overwhelming heat of the fire pit[2] and could endure the Avatars' attacks without any scratch.[6]
    • Superhuman Stamina: Pestilence could wage a war against the Avatars that lasted for several hours without any sign of tiredness.[11]
    • Accelerated Healing: As a Czarnian, Pestilence can heal her from any type of injury.[10]


Her power is unable to infect nor corrode inorganic tissue, effectively incapacitating her should she be restrained in a prison made of the sort.[11]

  • Even through she wasn't seen dying, she is considered deceased based on Famine's words after the Four Furies' defeat.[12]



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