Peter Cannon is a super-hero known as Thunderbolt. Raised by Himalayan monks as an orphan, he trained to achieve physical and mental perfection. They entrusted him with the secrets in their ancient scrolls, enabling him to perform incredible feats. Returning to America with his friend Tabu Singh, Peter Cannon fights crime as Thunderbolt. He has also been a member of the Justice League. Peter Cannon was created by Pete Morisi, first appearing in the Charlton Comics publication Thunderbolt #1. (1966)

There have been other characters inspired by Peter Cannon. Ozymandias of Watchmen continuity is created by Alan Moore as an homage to Cannon. The rights to Thunderbolt reverted to his creator's estate upon Morisi's death in 2003. His rights were licensed to the publication company Dynamite Entertainment.

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