Dr. Cross was an extremely skilled biologist and geneticist who genetically engineered at least 13 generations of post-humans. He ran a division of I/O called Tabula Rasa which essentially sold human suffering to the highest bidder.[1] When he killed the foster parents of Gen13 and collected them to his headquarters, his work became his undoing.[2] The teenagers rebelled, and escaped. Consequently, Cross sent Gen11 to recover the wayward teens,[3] but Lucy became infatuated with Eddie Chang, and made off with him. For her disobedience, Cross had Lucy murdered, invoking the wrath of both Generations 11 and 13.[4] While he desperately attempted to escape from Tabula Rasa, which was being destroyed by Gen13, Johnny, Jr. and Rotten, Lucy's brothers who'd hidden in Cross' chopper, began to cannibalize him and he flew his escape vehicle into a cliff, thereby incinerating him.[5]

World's End

About six months after Armageddon, a child clone of Megan retrieved an infant clone of Cross, and the two set out to avenge their deaths.[6] However, circumstances in confronting Gen13 then revealed that Cross' entire head had aged considerably to that of an old man. Due from being released too early from his cloning incubation by Megan. Cross and Megan were forced to work with Gen13 together after escaping from a skating park inhabited by cannibalistic teenagers. Cross offered a bargain with Gen 13 in helping a mortally stabbed Caitlin Fairchild, who was infected with the Warhol Virus, in exchange for an agreement granting him a pint of blood from each team member. The blood will help his body which continues to deteriorate. Though Gen13 were convinced of this, Cross proved himself by slicing his hand with a scalpel and swearing in a blood oath.[7] As the group traveled to "Malice", Iowa, they were attacked by the Paladins' enemies, the Fearsmiths. Cross, Megan and Fairchild were captured by the Fearsmiths when Cross and Megan lied to the supervillains that their mother is Fairchild and convinced them to seek medical help for her.[8] When Fairchil succumbed to the virus and became a Incubite, Cross initially refused to give the antigen to Fairchild as he believed he could patent a new bio-weapon out of her despite Megan's protest. Ultimately Fairchild battled the Fearsmiths, and Peter's cure for her was damaged in the conflict. Cross then abandoned Megan and fled from Malice.[9]


  • The name on Dr. Cross' door was "Fenton Cross", but Megan referred to him as "Dr. Peter Cross".
  • Dr. Cross did not like to wear shoes.
  • Dr. Cross was afraid of the dark.
  • Dr. Cross was disgusted by the touch of his genetically engineered subjects.



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