Peter Dursin, alias Porcupine Pete was a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

Pete was born with extremely rough skin. His parents thought that made it uncomfortable to hold him.Then they saw what his skin developed into. Slowly but surely, the rough spots became individual spikes. Those, then, grew into quills, like those of a porcupine. They were extremely sharp, and could release them as projectiles.

But the necessary lack of physical affection was well compensated for. His parents raised him in a very loving environment, and he developed a friendly demeanor. One of his many friends suggested that he try out for the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Pete practiced shooting his quills until he could propel them from his body with considerable force. But when it came time for Porcupine Pete to present himself to the Legion, he watched everyone duck out of the way of his quills. He was rejected but several previous Legion rejects had formed the Legion of Substitute Heroes, and he found companionship there, as well as a kindred spirit in fellow recruit Infectious Lass.[1]

Since he was still required to continue his schooling, he spent little time with the "Subs", and did not further refine his powers. This proved disastrous on a number of occasions with the "Subs" before they were disbanded.


  • Humanoind Porcupine Physiology: Porcupine Pete's entire body is studded with pointed projectiles resembling the quills of a porcupine. Through an act of will, Pete can launch his quills from his body either in groupings for a localized effect, or all at once for a larger area effect.


  • Spike Control: Porcupine Pete's greatest weakness is his inability to control his powers. This has proven to be a hindrance not only to his adversaries, but to innocent bystanders as well. It is because of this lack of control that his application into the Legion of Super-Heroes was denied.
  • This version of Peter Dursin (Pre-Zero Hour) is no longer considered part of canon continuity. All history and corresponding appearances of Peter Dursin (Pre-Zero Hour) were erased from continuity following the events of the 1994 limited series Zero Hour: Crisis in Time.



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