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Peter Gambi is the owner of Gambi's Custom Tailoring and the foster father and mentor of Black Lightning.


  • Genius Level Intellect: Gambi is naturally intelligent, easily finding solutions to problems what type of situation it may involve.
    • Computer Hacking/Operation: Gambi possesses impressive computer hacking skills, as he has stated that he can hack into any database, including Freeland Police Department. He was also able to easily hack in Freeland's power grid and shut it down.
    • Tailoring: Gambi is a skilled engineerand tailor as he created the Thunder suit for Anissa Pierce and the first and the second Black Lightning suit which was more armored and has more technology built into it such as goggles with "electric vision" and a feature that helped with the flight. Though the latter caused headaches to the user which was eventually fixed.
    • Tactical Analysis:Gambi has been shown to be naturally intelligent in terms of leadership and strategy. Jefferson has even described Gambi as someone who "has contingencies for contingencies."
    • Multilingualism:Gambi can speak English, Japanese, Russian and Markovian.
  • Firearms[3]