Peter Mark Richman (b. April 16, 1927) has worked on a number of adaptations of DC Comics properties. He portrayed Doctor Crippin on the series Wonder Woman and Falco on the series Swamp Thing. He also voiced Charles Baxter for the animated series Batman and Abin Sur for the animated series Superman.

Pictured: Peter Richman as Falco from the Swamp Thing episode "Falco"

Work History

Acting Credits

Wonder Woman 1975-1979 Doctor Crippin
     "Gault's Brain" December 29, 1978 Doctor Crippin
Swamp Thing 1990-1993 Falco
     "Falco" November 9, 1990 Falco
Batman: The Animated Series 1992-1995 Charles Baxter
     "Riddler's Reform" September 24, 1994 Charles Baxter
Superman: The Animated Series 1996-2000 Abin Sur
     "In Brightest Day" February 6, 1999 Abin Sur
Guardian #1
Batman Beyond 1999-2001 Winchell
     "Inqueling" September 30, 2000 Winchell

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