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Peter Merkel, Jr., better known as Rag Doll, was an assassin that operates in Gotham City. Rag Doll's signature ability was his extreme contortionism, which he uses to strangle his opponents with his own limbs.

Rag Doll was imprisoned in Arkham Asylum and was one of the first batch of inmates that was drugged with Bane's enhanced Venom formula. Even though he and a handful of other inmates escaped, he was quickly put back in jail but not before he slaughtered a few prison guards.[3]

At some point, Rag Doll was transferred to Blackgate Penitentiary prior to the Crime Syndicate invading Earth. When the villains seemingly killed the Justice League [4], Bane freed the prisoners of Blackgate and used them as his soldiers against the Arkham Asylum inmates who claimed the city for themselves in Batman's absence, in what would be called the "Arkham War".[5] Rag Doll alongside Bane and helped secure the victory for Bane and his Blackgate crew.[6]

When Batman returned, Rag Doll evaded capture long enough to acquire a job to track down some friends of Batgirl. This put him at odds with the vigilante, but, after some hand-to-hand combat, he managed to escape with his mission complete.[7]

Suicide Squad

Rag Doll was sent along with others to capture Cadence Laramie, but he is killed by ghosts.[8]






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