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Quote1.png It doesn't matter where Aquaman is. As long as I sit on this throne ... Atlantis is mine. Quote2.png
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Scavenger is an enemy of Aquaman.


After the Atlantean invasion of Boston Peter Mortimer co-opted several Soviet Submarines and started a criminal organization which collected and sold off Atlantean weaponry under the guise of the Scavenger.[1] However his true goal was to one day sit on the throne of Atlantis.[2]

Finding Atlantis

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Due to him collecting weaponry and selling it to criminals the Scavenger brought the attention of Aquaman the King of Atlantis.[1] Scavenger concocted a plan to get himself on the throne. First he captured an Atlantean search party and placed a tracking device in one of them[3]; he then allowed for Aquaman to save the search party bringing the tracker to Atlantis.[4]

This plan was successful as Scavenger and his fleet of Submarines invaded Atlantis and Scavenger sat on the throne.[2] His victory did not last long as The Dead King and the armies of Xebel invaded forcing Scavenger and his forces to retreat.[5]

Jonah Payne

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Years later Scavenger is informed that Aquaman was looking for him. He geared up in a new battle diving suit and attacked Aquaman.[6] After a short amount of time he was defeated and was asked about Jonah Payne. Scavenger told Aquaman that Jonah worked for him but disappeared during a salvage op in a strange water body.[7]

Shortly after this the pair are attacked by Payne who has transformed into the mysterious creature known as Dead Water, Scavenger was gravely injured in the attack and fell into a coma.[7]



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