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Pete Ross was the best friend of Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan in Smallville.

Early Life

Born into the Ross family, the owners of the Ross Creamed Corn factory, until they sold it to Lionel Luthor. Feeling that Lionel had screwed his family out of their business, the young Pete developed a disliking of him. At some point, Pete befriended Clark Kent, who protected him from a bully when they were six years old.[2]

Season One

In his freshman year of high school, Pete joined the Smallville Crows,[3] but another event made Pete fear for his continued friendship with Clark. Lionel's son, Lex, moved to Smallville and befriended Clark. When Clark began hanging out more with Lex, Pete became afraid that he'd lose his best friend.[4]

Season Two

Pete's relationship with Clark would take further turns, in their sophomore year, when Pete learned that Clark was an alien. He didn't care that Clark was from another planet but was upset that Clark had felt that he couldn't be trusted. However, Pete soon got over this and began helping Clark to protect his secret.[5][6]

Season Three

As their junior year was coming to an end, Pete was hit by the news that his parents were getting a divorce. Pete decided to move to Wichita, with his mother, to prevent anyone from using him to uncover Clark's secret.[7]

Season Seven

As the years passed, Pete's life didn't turn out as he had planned and he got a job as a roadie. Rather than accepting responsibility for his life, he began to blame Clark and his secret for the problems in his life.[1]

In 2008, Pete came to Metropolis, working as a roadie for the band OneRepublic. With the band playing in a gum factory, Pete got his hands on some free gum. Unbeknownst to him, the gum had been tainted by Green Kryptonite, resulting in him gaining an ability to stretch himself, whenever he chewed the gum. Pete became convinced that this would allow him to become a hero, but he soon found himself blackmailed by Lex. When Pete tried to stand up to Lex, Lex's henchmen managed to overpower him, with Pete losing the last of the gum, and was interrogated by Lex. Pete was saved by Clark and realized the errors of his ways. Finally deciding to accept responsibility for his own life, Pete departed Smallville to get his life back in order.[1]





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