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Blackrock is a Superman villain who was given powers by a a parasitic alien lifeform that took the shape of a black rock.

Peter Silverstone started out as Director of Research and Technology for the United Broadcasting Company under company president Sam Tanner. Tasked with creating a corporate-backed superhero persona that UBC could cover exclusively, Silverstone created a suit that would give its wearer the power over broadcasting frequencies, powered by a sentient black stone. Silverstone manipulated Tanner and later his nephew Les Vegas into wearing the suit and becoming Blackrock, before finally using the persona for himself.[1] After several years of fighting Superman as a minor super-villain, Silverstone became washed-up, frequenting a dive bar attended by other failed super-criminals like Sonar, Brain Storm, Kite Man, Black Mass and the Bug-Eyed Bandit. For a brief period of time, he lost his gimmicks to Wally Tortolini in a game of poker.[2] At some point, overuse of the Powerstone's powers drove Silverstone mad, and he was bludgeoned to death by Sam Benjamin, who stole the Powerstone and became the new Blackrock.[3]



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