Peter Stormare (b. August 27, 1953) portrayed Lucifer in the film Constantine and Werner Zytle on the series Arrow. He also voiced Mister Freeze in the animated series Justice League Action

Pictured: Peter Stormare as Werner Zytle from the Arrow episode "Canaries"

Work History

Acting Credits

ConstantineFebruary 18, 2005 Lucifer
The Batman vs. DraculaOctober 18, 2005 Dracula
Arrow 2012- Werner Zytle
     "The Calm" October 8, 2014 Werner Zytle
     "Canaries" February 11, 2015 Werner Zytle
Justice League Action 2016-2018 Mister Freeze
     "Freezer Burn" May 27, 2017 Mister Freeze
Justice League Action (shorts) 2017-2017 Mister Freeze
     "Eezy Freezy" December 14, 2017 Mister Freeze

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