Peter Ward was the Science Hero Thoth, a member of SMASH.

A historian and archaeologist, Peter Ward discovered an ancient scarab ring during a dig in Egypt. Slipping the ring onto his finger, Peter discovered the ring possessed mystical powers, granting him superhuman powers and abilities. Realizing the significance of his discovery, Peter kept the ring and began a career as the science hero known as the Scarab.


  • Divine Empowerment: Peter Ward found an ancient ring during one of his digs. Placing the ring on he was told he was an ancient Egyptian priest reincarnated. He took the role as the Scarab and fought injustice alongside SMASH. After SMASH went defunct, Peter fought against Mystico, a fellow Egyptian hero. To defeat him, Peter bonded with an Egyptian god to become Thoth.



  • Different artists have interpreted Thoth's eye glow in different hues such as green, blue and white.



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