Quote1 I was once a lowlie. Before Granny kidnapped me... before she warped me into a Fury!... I am a Fallen Fury! I don't belong with them. And yet they hunt me. If you are not here to brutalize the lowlies then we are not foes. Quote2
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Tina of Apokolips was once groomed to be a Female Fury, but failed, and was befriended by Harley Quinn.

Tina was born among the Lowlies on Apokolips, and her large stature caused her to be noticed by Granny Goodness; who genetically modified her to become a giant horned beast. But Tina's nature was a protective one, and she only wished to fight in order to protect her sisters and fellow Lowlies. Thus she was not a good fit for the Furies, and Granny made her feel worthless.[1]

Tina escaped Granny and took the Splinter of Destiny with her, also known as a Worlogog, to prevent the will-destroying Subjukator from being activated. To retrieve them, Granny abducted Harley Quinn and modified her into a new Female Fury. During their first battle on Apokolips, Harley saved a Lowlie child from an avalanche, which gained her the admiration of Petite Tina — before "Hammer Harleen" knocked her out and had her brought to Granny.[2]

When Tina explained to Harley the fate of the Lowlies and the soul-destroying purpose of the Worlogog, Harley freed them and damaged the Subjukator — winding up in Bernadeth's torture cell beside Petite Tina. Despite their initial differences, the mis-matched pair trusted each other enough to battle and defeat Granny and head to Earth.[1]

At first, Tina had difficulty fitting in with Harley's strange group and certainly did not understand the significance of the stuffed beaver. The Apokoliptic beast Tina was in her element when she was overturning the bulldozers of creepy developers - but had great difficulty with the relatively easy task of buying cat-food, which Harley had thoughlessly given her. Tina had difficulty walking in the throng of humanity, where she stood out as a monster - even on Coney Island. Handing a balloon back to a terrified girl brought screams and gunshots from the police, and Petite Tina decided that she would hide indefinitely in a dumpster.[3]

A girl in danger, trapped on a burning bus, gave Tina the motivation to leave the dumpster and rescue her. And rather than horror, Tina experienced gratitude for almost the first time; won two new friends from the local butcher shop; and returned with armloads of meat to feed the cats.[4]

Her positive experiences in Coney Island caused Tina to shake a small amount of her insecurity, and it took a metamorphosis into a cockroach[5] for Harley to realize the Apokoliptic feelings of alienation that Tina suffered from. As a result, Harley saw to it that Tina was treated as part of her family; hosting thier Christmas party[6] and attending Harley's mother's wake[7] - as well as relying on her great strength when necessary.




  • Bulletproof Armor[3]


  • Mega-Hammer[1]

  • Particularly on Apokolips, Tina did not like being called "Petite Tina" as it was a cruel nickname given to her by the Female Furies.[1] On Earth she is generally known as "Tina of Apokolips".



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