Petrified Girl was a member of the Paladins.

As one of the WWII-era heroes imprisoned in the "Number of the Beast" program, Petrified Girl spent time training to combat an end of the world scenario based on the Book of Revelation. When the High ended the program, she was released with the others, but was shattered while fighting the High's Reaper clones on The Carrier.[1]

She was last seen in her still shattered form on the New Palatine Hill, being gradually reassembled by the Redeemer.[2] After Earth's victory over the Knights of Khera, Petrified Girl was fully repaired through bionics by the Wildcats and was among the Paladins that gathered on Skywatch in briefing with Spartan, hearing the long-term plans for Earth's restoration.[3][4] However, Petrified Girl did not fully agree with Spartan's plan and left the Paladins to joined Zealot in training a new Coda.[5][4]


  • Transmutation: Claims to be able to transmute herself into over 200 elements. Due to touching the Philosopher's Stone (according to her), she was also able to transmute metal into gold for about 1 hour.



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