"The Dead Can Dance... And Die!": Funerella has been hired by the Bender family to dispose of the annoyance that Phantom Lady and Doll Man pose to their organization. Sensing that this new enemy will lik

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Phantom Lady #3 is an issue of the series Phantom Lady (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2012. It was published on October 31, 2012.

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Synopsis for "The Dead Can Dance... And Die!"

Funerella has been hired by the Bender family to dispose of the annoyance that Phantom Lady and Doll Man pose to their organization. Sensing that this new enemy will likely pose a challenge, Phantom Lady uses her Blacklight gloves to toss the thugs they were fighting into the bay.

Despite her threats, Dane Maxwell is particularly interested in Funerella's powers. As a scientist, the prospects of her power to cause deterioration at the molecular level is fascinating to him. To wit, Phantom Lady becomes somewhat annoyed by the back-and-forth between the two, and demands to know whether there's going to be a fight or not. Funerella reveals that her power allows her to to turn those living people around her into zombies, and states that she has no intention of fighting; they should merely die fighting these zombies who were once the victims of human trafficking, and let her get paid.

Dane realizes that these are zombies, and so attempts to shoot each one through the head. Jennifer comes up with a more efficient method by using her blacklight gloves to slice off the zombies' legs at the knee, preventing them from advancing further. She then turns her attention to Funerella, but the assassin is unaffected by the blacklight; in fact, she is excited by it. Eager to put a stop to her, Dane shoots Funerella through the head, with no effect. Fortunately, Jennifer's phantom state prevents Funerella from laying her hands on her. Angrily, the assassin decays the molecules of the boardwalk on which they stand, causing a large portion of the docks and harbour to collapse into the bay. Dane manages to fly Jennifer to safety, but in the meantime, Funerella runs toward a boarding cruise ship, providing her with hundreds more victims for zombification.

Meanwhile, in San Diego, The Ray receives a call from Uncle Sam, to warn him of the unusual activity in Metropolis and ask him to check it out.

Funerella manages to get to the Captain of the ship, and prepares to zombify him, but Jennifer - upset enough by the innocents she's been forced to mutilate as a result of Funerella's power - uses her Blacklight to slice off the villainess' arm. Laughing, Funerella explains that she is already dead. Jennifer takes this as her cue to be less reserved, and simply slices Funerella's head in half. The woman falls back over the edge of the ship's deck, and falls into the bay. Dane and Jennifer are content enough to see her gone, rather than check to see if she is really dead.

Fortunately, those zombies who were not slices to pieces by Blacklight return to normal. With the police on their way, Jennifer grabs Dane in her hand and enters her phantom state, making a stealthy escape from the scene; the police do not take kindly to vigilantes, after all.

Later, a policeman discovers Funerella's severed arm on the deck, and when he touches it, he is decayed to a skeleton in a matter of seconds. As if alive, the arm rolls around the deck toward the edge of the railing. The EMS and police watch its path, and worriedly train their weapons at its location, until Funerella rises from the depths to reclaim her appendage.


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