"Out of the Shadows and into the Light": Having returned to their base after their uncomfortable fight with Funerella, Jennifer Knight is having regrets and second thoughts about the whole idea of being a super-hero. Despite her desir

Quote1 Did you happen to notice me sucking down tequila like it was water? People died, Dane. It was horrible. I thought the whole point was to help people and save lives. Quote2
Jennifer Knight

Phantom Lady #4 is an issue of the series Phantom Lady (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2013. It was published on November 28, 2012.

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Synopsis for "Out of the Shadows and into the Light"

Having returned to their base after their uncomfortable fight with Funerella, Jennifer Knight is having regrets and second thoughts about the whole idea of being a super-hero. Despite her desire to take down the Bender family, her exploits as Phantom Lady have put her life and the lives of others at risk, and her response to that cold reality is to drink a lot of tequila. Dane Maxwell, her literally pint-sized partner is less deterred.

Jennifer suggests that instead of super-heroics they should use her abilities to walk through walls and become invisible to simply gather incriminating evidence against the Benders. Dane reminds that that evidence would never be admissible in court, but if they were to install cameras all over the Benders' place, it would deter people from doing business with them. Jennifer promises that after a shower, she will gather the materials they need to make that plan happen.

Elsewhere, Funerella meets with Cyrus Bender, who none too pleased at her failure to kill the Phantom Lady. She doesn't take his criticism well, but she can do little about it, because he paralyses her by spiking her espresso with curare. It occurred to him while reading Humpty Dumpty to his niece recently, that if Funerella failed, he could simply chop her into pieces, and then no one would be able to put her back together again. Unbeknownst to Bender, Jennifer and Dane have recorded the whole exchange.

Despite having the evidence needed to incriminate Bender, there is a certain lack of satisfaction in not being able to beat him senseless. There is no opportunity to do so, though, as Maxwell's Junkyard explodes in flames. Bender has discovered their hide-out, noting that it wasn't much of a mystery who Phantom Lady was.

Bender has acquired some super-powered armor for himself and his enforcers, and he believes it will give him an edge against Jennifer's powers. Unexpectedly, her blacklight gloves emit dark shadows that wrap tightly around her attackers. She climbs to her feet, disgustedly noting Bender's propensity for violence toward women. Rather than kill him, she decides to teach him an important lesson by exposing him to the darkness of her blacklight, completely enveloping his body. Just a few minutes in the emptiness of that void renders Bender a drooling idiot.

With Bender down, Jennifer looks to Dane, who appears to be unconscious. Realizing that her best friend might be dead, she cries and begs for another chance with him. Sarcastically, he remarks that she might drown him with her tears, and gets up, to Jennifer's relief.

Despite having caught their enemy, finally, they can't simply give Bender over to the police because of all of the illegal equipment they have at the junkyard, not to mention the fact that they are vigilantes. A voice suggests that they may be able to help with those issues.

They look up to see Samuel and The Ray with the Department of Homeland Security. The visitors offer Dane and Jennifer the opportunity to join a team under the supervision of National Security. In exchange, they will be given resources they might not normally have got. Regardless of their decision, Uncle Sam wants them!


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