Quote1 The Blackhawks! No wonder I failed! They must be taught a lesson for interfering with The Sniper! Quote2
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In the mid-1950s, the Phantom Sniper was an enemy of the Blackhawks.

In Europe, during the Cold War, a criminal genius invented two things: 1) an X-ray gun-sight, and 2) an armor-piercing bullet, both of which could penetrate an apparently unlimited number of steel plates, in defiance of all conventional laws of physics. Calling himself the Phantom Sniper, he used this equipment to destroy high-profile, difficult targets, such as a newly-developed high-altitude bomber, and a secret freight train carrying an atomic cannon. Once he'd gotten their attention, the Sniper was able to make a deal with a European cell of the Communist Underground: He would eliminate the troublesome Blackhawk Squadron, in exchange for full partnership and an even split of all future Communist conquests. Comrade Karko agreed to this.

The Blackhawks and the Sniper clashed, and Blackhawk was able to trick the Phantom into aiming his X-Ray gunsight into the blinding glare of a searchlight. The optic shock knocked him unconscious, and he was captured alive.


  • Firearms Shooting from the ground, the Phantom Sniper shot down all six Blackhawk jets, in six shots, with a rifle.
  • Gadgetry The Phantom Sniper invented an X-ray gun-sight that enabled him to see thru the hulls and bulkheads of a nuclear submarine. He also invented an ingenious armor-piercing bullet which can penetrate multiple layers of steel, and a nuclear reactor.


  • Rifle, with X-ray gunsight
  • super armor-piercing bullets

  • The chronicles do not record the Phantom Sniper's real name or background.
  • Phantom Sniper's Price List:
    • Blackhawks ... Partnership
    • Atom Plant ... $500,000
    • Capital City ... $250,000
    • Aircraft Carrier ... $100,000
    • Train ... $50,000



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