Quote1 He is beaten. Let your devotion to justice temper your rage. Quote2
Phantom Stranger src

No one knows exactly how the Phantom Stranger came to be and very few actually know of his existence. The most common belief is that he's an angel who attempted to stop the rebellion of Lucifer, but was stripped of his wings and condemned by his treacherous brethren to walk the Earth forever. The Phantom Stranger represents redemption and justice and adheres to a strong moral code.

The Phantom Stranger and The Spectre make a wager to see if Batman will kill his parents' murderer, a weapons dealer named Joe Chill, or uphold justice and spare him with the prize being Batman's very soul. The Phantom Stranger helps Batman uncover the motive behind his parents' murder and tells Batman to temper his rage and spare Chill. Ultimately, Batman spares Chill and the Spectre and Phantom Stranger go their own ways.


The Phantom Stranger is a being of cosmic power capable of virtually any feat. However, he cannot directly intervene with Human affairs but can only assist.



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