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Pharyngula is a demon who holds the title of Harvester of Stillborn Souls.

For years he lied trapped within the borders of the Rock of Eternity until freed by a group of amateur occultists in Gotham City. The occultists managed to acquire a fragment of the Rock of Eterntiy and used it to perform a summoning ritual that brought Pharyngula to the Earth-realm. Pharyngula was prepared to obliterate the occultists but for the timely arrival of Mary Marvel. Mary fought with the demon and was able to subdue him, along with some assistance from the Gotham City Police Department.


  • Metamorphosis: Pharyngula can alter the form and volume of his mass through an act of will, but the composition of his body appears to remain the same. His body perpetually exists as a swarming mass of stillborn infants. The infants serve as appendages and can attack an adversary by clawing and biting at them. The number of infants that Pharyngula can produce and command is unknown.
  • Flight: Pharyngula possesses the ability to fly of his own accord. The full range and limits of this ability have yet to be revealed.
  • Superhuman Strength: By nature of being a demon, Pharyngula's strength and stamina are well in excess to that of normal human levels. Pharyngula survived a direct attack wherein Mary Marvel bludgeoned him with vehicle.


Having been imprisoned for an indeterminate amount of time, Pharyngula is consumed by an overwhelming hunger that guides his actions.