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Philippus is an Amazon general, Queen Hippolyta's chief counselor, lover, and her right arm, being next to her at all times.[2] She is also Princess Diana's, Jason and Donna Troy step-mother and helped train her as an Amazon warrior.[3]

Raising Princess Diana

It is unknown when Philippus' and Hippolyta's relationship began but by the time Princess Diana reached her early teens, the three considered themselves to be a family.[4][5] Philippus taught Diana in Amazon combat into her adult life but also served as Hippolyta's chief advisor and General of Themyscira.[3]

Serving Queen Nubia

After Diana's disappearance, Hippolyta decided to take up her mantle as Wonder Woman until she returned, meaning she had to leave Themyscira and her position as Queen.[6] The Amazon Nubia was selected by Hippolyta to be her successor. While some Amazons questioned Nubia's ability, Philippus remained loyal to her and continued to serve as the chief counselor and Guard Captain to the new Queen.[7]

Nubia's rule would quickly be put to the test after a series of monsters escaped Doom's Doorway and Princess Diana returned to the world of the living. The attacks drew the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall and the Esquecida to Themyscira where it was decided that a Trial be held to decide who would replace Nubia as Guardian of Doom's Doorway as well as which Queen of the three Amazon tribes would rule as leader of all Amazons.[8] The event also meant the return of Hippolyta whom Philippus was happy to be reunited with, but their time was cut short when Hippolyta was found murdered in her bed chambers. Despite the recent tragedy Philippus and the rest of the Amazons decided to press on with the Trial, stopping only for Hippolyta's funeral where Philippus and Diana left her an offering of their own blood as a mark of their love.[9]

Nubia later selected Philippus to represent Themyscira in the Trials due to her proven dedication and exceptional combat skills. This pitted Philippus against Yara Flor of the Esquecida, Donna Troy who offered to help the Bana-Mighdall, and Philippus own daughter Diana, who was standing in the Trial independently.[10] The trial would quickly be turned on its head however, when the arena the champions were fighting in quickly collapsed and all four found themselves in a long lost catacomb beneath Themyscira. The Philippus and the others quickly decided to put aside their rivalries and work together to navigate the catacombs, aided by a magic compass that Philippus' was given earlier. As they explored, the group were set upon by the monster Echidna and battled the creature, unintentionally breaking into the chamber of Doom's Doorway which Diana was able to imprison Echidna behind.[11]

As the champions returned to Themyscira's palace the island was hit by an earthquake and Doom's Doorway was split open by the primordial god of Chaos. A desperate battle ensued between the Amazons and the invading monsters which only ended when Hippolyta's sisters' Antiope and Atalanta sacrificed themselves to close Doom's Doorway.[12] Following the attack Nubia was recognized as 'Queen of the Amazons' by the Bana-Mighdall's Queen Faruka and was later coronated. After the ceremony the new queen went on a diplomatic tour of the Patriarch's World and left Philippus to watch over Themyscira in her temporary absence.[13]



  • Hippolyta calls Philippus "my love" in Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #4, and in Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #15 it was suggested that they sleep together and that this is recurrent, confirming that they are lovers. In the side story "Young Diana", the two are clearly shown in a loving relationship.[14]
    • It was revealed that Hippolyta, Philippus and Diana formed a family, with Philippus calling Diana "my daughter".[8]



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