Phillip Karnowsky is the criminal known as Barrage. He uses a high-tech suit of armor to commit his crimes. He lost his arm during a fight with Maggie Sawyer. Originally incarcerated in Stryker's Island, Barrage was able to escape and get revenge on Sawyer after demanding favors from his fellow prisoners. Equipped with better armor that came with shock absorption, Barrage attacked the Special Crimes Unit and Maggie in a public square, but Superman managed to intervene and brought him to justice. Karnowsky later escaped again and joined the Superman Revenge Squad, only to be captured again by Superman.



Shock-absorbing armor:

  • Enhanced Abilities: Barrage's armor provides him super-human strength and endurance.
  • Body Armor: Barrage's exo-skeleton provides him with some protection from physical and energy attacks.
  • Energy cannon: Barrage can project energy blasts from a weapon attached to his arm.



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