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Phillipe Rianne, better known by his masked persona Grotesque, was a criminal leader in Gotham City that found himself to be an enemy of Batgirl.

Grotesque first appeared on the scene when he attempted to rob a rich man for a bottle of wine that was estimated to be worth about a half a million dollars. Batgirl arrived, defeating a majority of Grotesque's henchmen, but the boss himself escaped into the sewers.[1]

Hunting down one of Grotesque's men Danny Weaver, Grotesque ambushed Batgirl using his power to absorb and project electric energy. Before getting a chance to finish off Batgirl, Weaver betrayed Grotesque, firing a warning shot at his head before being killed by a retaliation energy bolt from Rianne. Having been distract, Batgirl was able to beat down Grotesque, shattering his mask, before he was arrested by the police.[2]

Grotesque was taken to Belle Reve penitentiary in Louisiana, but was later broken out by the the Disgraced.[3] Rianne and some other members of Batgirl's rogues gallery were returned to Gotham in an attempt to finally defeat her but were all defeated.

He was later murdered and replaced by Evan Douglas, who used this alias to murder the rich elites of Gotham City. Realizing that these killings were too brutal for Rianne, Batgirl tracked down the new Grotesque to his hideout where she found Phillipe's body stuffed in a fridge.[4]



  • Obsession: Grotesque has an obsession with fancy things. He grew an interest in Batgirl, stating that he'd like to have children with her because of how unobtainable and rare she is.[2]



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