Phillipe Rianne, better known by his masked persona Grotesque, is a criminal leader in Gotham City that found himself to be an enemy of Batgirl.

Grotesque first appeared on the scene when he attempted to rob a rich man for a bottle of wine that was estimated to be worth about a half a million dollars. Batgirl arrived, defeating a majority of Grotesque's henchmen, but the boss himself escaped into the sewers. [1]

Hunting down one of Grotesque's men Danny Weaver, Grotesque ambushed Batgirl using his power to absorb and project electric energy. Before getting a chance to finish off Batgirl, Weaver betrayed Grotesque, firing a warning shot at his head before being killed by a retaliation energy bolt from Rianne. Having been distract, Batgirl was able to beat down Grotesque, shattering his mask, before he was arrested by the police. [2]

Grotesque was taken to Belle Reve penitentiary in Louisiana, but was later broken out by the the Disgraced. [3] Rianne and some other members of Batgirl's rogues gallery were returned to Gotham in an attempt to finally defeat her but were all defeated.



  • Obsession: Grotesque has an obsession with fancy things. He grew an interest in Batgirl, stating that he'd like to have children with her because of how unobtainable and rare she is. [4]



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