The Philosopher's Stone is the name of several powerful magical items which possess magical or alchemical properties to manipulate the material world.


The Philosopher's Stone is the name of several powerful magical items which possess magical or alchemical properties to manipulate the material world.


One of the "Four Wonders of Alchemy", the stone has had various owners over the centuries. Zobar Zodiak stole the stone from the alchemist Galio. It was stolen many years later from a museum by Lorelei. Eventually it became the chosen weapon of Albert Desmond.

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The Demon

Another artefact known as the Philosopher's Stone was created at the same time as Merlin's conception. The Archduke Belial's intercourse with a witch from Ur led to an unintentional spillage at the height of Belial's rapture, and the stone was formed from sympathetic magic.[1]

The stone served Merlin originally, but was passed on to Jason Blood through Etrigan. Jason first used the stone to try and destroy Etrigan inside him by encasing himself in a magic cold. The magic frost succeeded in snuffing out the Demon, but he soon found need for the beast again.[2] He restored Etrigan by using the stone to engulf himself in Hellfire.[3]

Not long after, Morgaine le Fey desired the stone, and held Jason ransom. Glenda Mark brought the stone as requested but refused to hand it over to the sorceress. It was wrested from her by Morgaine's servant, Warly, who then turned on his mistress, transmuting her into a sarcophagus. Morgaine cast a final spell of her own, and Warly was dragged away by some tentacled monster, summoning eldritch flame in panic. Blood was able to recover the stone and escape with Glenda.[4]

Many years later, Morgan le Fey resurfaced, once more coveting the stone. She managed to capture Jason Blood in a tesseract jewel while letting Etrigan roam free, allowing her to search his apartment for the prize. The Martian Manhunter, who had been fighting Etrigan at Stonehenge, split his being into two. While his Martian self stayed to combat the Demon, Detective John Jones teleported to investigate Blood's disappearance. Once Morgan revealed herself, Jones telepathically communicated with the imprisoned Blood. Jones recovered the stone from a pocket dimension disguised as a portrait, but immediately hurled it at the tesseract jewel, freeing Blood.[5]


A magician from the city of Mu, named Simon Magnus, harnessed the power of a dimension called, the Darkworld, and created the Wheel of the World (also known in some legends as the Philosopher's Stone). His descendant, Will Magnus, created the Responsometer inspired by the wheels design.[6]

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