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Phobos is the Greek god of fear, son of Ares and twin brother of Deimos.

The twins took the soul of Dr. Veronica Cale's daughter, Izzy, to force her to rummage through Wonder Woman's mind in search of the location of Themyscira with the Cyberwalker ​​System (which led to the death of Doctor Cyber, Veronica's friend)[1], because it was in Themyscira that the other Gods of Olympus imprisoned her father Ares. According to them, the Amazons of Themyscira were created by the Gods for the purpose of guarding the god of war.[2]

Phobos and Deimos need to free their father to be able to fully utilize their powers of spreading fear, horror and despair to everyone.[2]


  • Godly Physiology: Phobos belongs to a race of ancient and inconceivably powerful beings known as the Old Gods. Because of this heritage Phobos possesses almost unlimited power.[3]
    • Bio-Fusion: Phobos can fuse and unfuse with his brother Deimos. The pair did this when they impersonated their father Ares to battle Wonder Woman.[4]
      • Metamorphosis: Phobos is capable of manipulating his physical appearance at will. He and his brother often take the shape of giant savage dogs that accompany their father Ares. When fused with his brother Phobos was also able to take the form of his father Ares.[4]
    • Cosmic Awareness: Phobos, like all Old Gods, is aware of the multiverse and the realms that lie beyond. This knowledge gives him an understanding of the universe and all life that transcends the capabilities of normal mortals.[3]
    • Fear Projection
    • Immortality: As an Old God worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Romans, Deimos has lived for at least millennia.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Telepathy



  • Soulstone: A magical gem fastened on the tip of the staff of Phobos. Very rare, this stone can only be found on Mount Olympus and on the shores of the River Styx.[5] The god used it to imprison the soul of Veronica Cale's daughter, Izzy.[1]

  • This character is an adaptation of Phobos, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at Wikipedia.org.
  • The only apparent physical difference between the twins is that Phobos has his hair combed to the left while Deimos has his hair combed to the right.



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