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Phoebus Apollo is the god of the Sun and Artemis's twin brother.

First Born

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This section of the history takes place during the New 52, between the events of Flashpoint and DC Rebirth. It was later revealed that much of Wonder Woman's history from this time was an elaborate illusion created by the Gods of Olympus to keep her away from Paradise Island. All or part of this section may have been part of that illusion and no longer valid in Rebirth.

In a series of false memories created by Zeus Apollo took over Zeus' throne, tried to kill Wonder Woman and had the First Born tortured and partially eaten alive before getting killed by him.[citation needed]



  • Archery: Apollo is the God of Archery and as such is legendary at wielding one.
  • Artistry: As the god of Art Apollo is able to create the most beautiful art.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Apollo can keep up in a fight with an experienced fighter like Wonder Woman.[4]


  • Bow and Arrows[5]
  • Sunblade (Formerly): The sword created by Hephaestus for Apollo at the dawn of human civilization, as one of the twelve weapons created for each member of the Gods of Olympus.[6]

  • Apollo was the inspiration for Andrew Pulaski when he chose his alias, as he was a sun god who loved another man, Hyacinth.[7]



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