Quote1 You look angry, Uncle Sam, but music turneth away wrath. Quote2
Pied Piper src

In 1943, in the remote Balkan village of Linjvecki, Serbia, amid the savage mountain fighting between the Chetnik resistance and invading Wermacht, two seemingly supernatural figures appeared. One was the American legend Uncle Sam, and the other seemed to be the legendary Pied Piper of European fairy tales.

Little is known and less can be proven about this mysterious figure, except for these observations:

  • The Pied Piper had no apparent connection to the Nazi spies that were found in the village, that same day.
  • He had access to a cavern underworld, into which he escaped, after a scuffle with Uncle Sam.
  • He lured all the children in the village of Linjvecki into this cavern, by playing hypnotically alluring music on his horn. The children were rescued in the nick of time, from vanishing into these caves.
  • The Pied Piper left behind his horn, when he escaped into the caverns, and this instrument was able to play itself. That is, whatever tune, if any, was blown into it, the horn would play hypnotic music of its own selection.
  • This instrument ended up in the possession of Buddy Smith.






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