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Pierrot Lunaire was a member of the Club of Villains.

A criminal who dresses as the Commedia dell'arte character Pierrot. Owing to the tradition of Mimes, he never speaks.

He joined the Club of Villains under Doctor Hurt's request.[1] Shortly after, he was sent on a mission to eliminate Robin along with Swagman, but both of them failed.[2] When they informed Hurt of their failure, he sent them both out again to capture Robin, much to their dismay.[3]

Lunaire and Swagman managed to corner Robin and Pierrot attacked him with his best martial arts movements. They were about to deliver the finishing attack when the Club of Heroes appeared and saved Robin from the villains. Pierrot was attacked and knocked unconscious by El Gaucho, who used some bolas to incapacitate the mime villain.[4] After this, Lunaire was arrested and his criminal career ended.


  • Martial Arts: Lunaire was able to incapacitate Robin with his fighting skills to the point of killing the youngster.



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