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Chief enforcer of the Cabal, Pike is never far from Helspont's side.

Pike is a Kherubim Crossbreed gone wrong who has sided with the natural enemy of his kind. He has tremendous strength and no mercy, making him a terrible foe in battle and an invaluable asset to Helspont.

Pike shared a relationship with fellow Cabal member Taboo, but he turned on her when she disobeyed his order to kill someone.

World's End

Following Armageddon, Pike was alive and mentoring a group of teen superhumans in the remains of Wyoming. Though his leadership methods border on cruel, Pike maintained that he's renounced his evil ways, and is doing what he can to help survivors.[1]

Pike and the teens, who called themselves the New Wildcore, were later among of Earth's metahumans in UnLondon battling the Knights of Khera and it's armies.