Quote1 Wait till we get this motor back to our workshop! It's small but specially powered ... a real stroke of genius! Quote2
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The Flying Fish was an enemy of the Blackhawk Squadron.

In the 1940s, Pilfer Prode was a small-time crook, but was known to the police of every country. He moved to the remote island of Oray, in the South Seas, and made use of a mechanized suit of flying/swimming armor to swindle the peaceful island people out of a fortune in pearls and gold, by impersonating their deity, the Flying Fish.

By 1950 he had been getting away with this for enough years to watch the Oray Islanders' pretty young princess grow into a gorgeous young woman, and he demanded that his annual sacrificial tribute should that year include Princess Tala. By remarkable good luck, one of the famous Blackhawks, Andre, was himself pursuing the princess, with romantic intent, and soon the Blackhawk Squadron became involved. Pilfer Prode was put out of business, his accumulated loot was returned to the Oray people, and the Blackhawks confiscated his incredible flying suit.




  • Prode's mechanical swimming/flying armor suit was captured and examined by the Blackhawks.



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