Pino Maroni was one of mobster Salvatore Maroni's sons.

The son of Gotham City crime lord Salvatore Maroni and grandson of crime lord Luigi Maroni, Pino Maroni shared power of the Maroni crime family with his twin brother Umberto, when their father was killer by a mysterious serial killer known only as Holiday. Pino and Umberto offered their services to Sofia Gigante, when her father Carmine was killed by Two-Face. Pino and Umberto promised that they would kill Two-Face, but never succeeded and may in fact have been working for Two-Face. During a meeting at Sofia's penthouse, Pino suggested that Carmine may have faked his own death, considering that Holiday managed to fake his death. However, Sofia didn't respond well to the suggestion and promptly shot Pino in the arm. The brothers were later arrested when a police officer was found dead in their father's restaurant. The two mobsters were later bailed out by Lucia Viti who claimed that the Vitis were looking to make new freinds.

Pino died during the Columbus' Day Massacure.


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