Piper was a soldier in the Rifle Brigade.

Piper is a Scottish caricature, the oldest member of the Rifle Brigade, and has been serving Hugo Darcy's family for "five wars" (and counting). He carries a bagpipe into battle, made from human remains. His playing of said bagpipe has the effect of invigorating the members of the Rifle Brigade, while being extremely traumatic for anyone else.

While on relief from conflict, Piper lives in the bottom of a dry well next to the Darcy's home Golgotha House. There his apparent "hobby" is sewing human skin. Whenever Hugo Darcy needs him, Piper is literally fish out of the well with a pound of haggis.[1]



Bagpipe player


Bagpipe: when played, it uncannily invigorating the members of the Rifle Brigade and being extremely traumatic for anyone else, including the effect of causing blood to bleed from their eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

  • The Piper was born in 1836 thus making him around 108 years old by the time of World War II.
  • Piper rarely talks, only with the exception of several dark mutterings that made even the top S.O.E. code-breakers completely baffled of his meaningful words.
  • Piper's sewing of human skins and remains is clearly based on serial killer Ed Gein.



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