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The PlaSStic Men are servants of the Nazi Party in the universe of Earth 10.


Freedom Fighters

In this universe the Nazis won World War II thanks to the help of Earth 10's Superman known as Overman, who crashed in the Sudetenland and was raised by Adolf Hitler. With Overman's help America was conquered in 1956.[1] Eventually a small pocket of resistance emerged known as the Freedom Fighters, led by former Olympian sprinter Jesse Owens and the personification of American ideals and values known only as Uncle Sam. The Fighters also had several metahuman fighters including the original Phantom Lady, the original Human Bomb, the original Doll Man, and the original Black Condor. However at some point the Ray and Phantom Lady were killed in combat.[2]

In November of 1963 the PlaSStic Men were tasked with infiltrating a secret Freedom Fighters meeting and capturing high-profile members of the resistance. Disguising themselves as various objects around the room of the meeting, the PlaSStic Men struck when Owens and the Freedom Fighters arrived. Although the Freedom Fighters were formidable fighters they were quickly overwhelmed by the PlaSStic Men, who captured Jesse Owens and the remaining metahumans. The next day Jess Owens was sentenced to a lifetime in a labor camp, while the metahumans of the resistance were executed in brutal ways. The PlaSStic Men were then tasked with tracking down and bringing in Uncle Sam, who was still at large. Eventually several agents of the PlaSStic Men found him watching the deaths of his comrades on the television. They attempted to capture him however he vanished as the American spirit had been lost, causing Uncle Sam to go comatose until hope was renewed.[2]

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