Plasmus was a seemingly-human criminal that was broken out of confinement by Slade through his agent Cinderblock, whose mission was to cause trouble with the Teen Titans after Cyborg briefly left it following an ugly dispute with Robin. Awakened from his sleep, Plasmus transformed into an shapeshifting creature and caused all sorts of trouble with the team in a factory. However, Cyborg rejoined the team to help defeat Plasmus, causing him to revert to his sleeping human form. Later on, as Slade had Terra free Cinderblock, Plasmus, and Overload from imprisonment, they merged into one giant being called Ternion, however the fusion turned out to be temporary and the three went their own ways after their battle with the Titans. Plasmus later resurfaced again, this time as a recruit the Brotherhood of Evil. When the Brotherhood carried out its plans to eliminate young superheroes all around the Earth, Plasmus was sent in Trident's company into the deep sea, where they captured Aqualad and Tramm. When Beast Boy and his Titans team arrived at the Brotherhood's base for battle, Plasmus joined the fight. He managed to catch Beast Boy in the fray, but again Raven used her astral self to render him unconscious, defeating him and returning him to his human form. He ended up flash-frozen along with most of the other villains in attendance.

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  • Unique Physiology
    • Transformation: When Plasmus awakes from slumber in his human form, he will involuntarily transform into Plasmus.
    • Bio-Fission: Plasmus can create small versions of himself to fight independently.
    • Size Alteration: Plasmus is able to alter his size to be as big as a whale or as small as worms.
    • Regeneration: Whenever Plasmus is broken apart, he can either regenerate back into himself or into several smaller pieces of himself.
    • Toxic Immunity: Plasmus is able to swallow an incredible amount of toxic waste and acid and not feel its effects.


  • Transforms When Asleep: When Plasmus is beaten or knocked-out, he will immediately transform back to his human self.
  • Diminished Intellect: When transformed, Plasmus loses all intellect he has and becomes a hulking monster.
  • Cannot Control Transformations: Human Plasmus immediately turns into a monster when woken. This fact can be used by villains who wish to manipulate him. [1]
  • Mute in Monster Form: In his monster form, Plasmus can only grunt and laugh. He can still understand English perfectly, though.



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